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Converting Legacy SCADA Systems to a Contemporary Platform for a Waste Processing Facility

"Waste isn’t waste until we waste it" - Will.I.Am


Waste Management

Waste Processing Facility


The client is a landfill and organics recycling service provider who also develop saleable compost. Their existing SCADA system was no longer supported, resulting in an operational risk so a project was commissioned to convert the legacy system to a contemporary platform.

The project involved the supply, installation, programming, commissioning, of a new SCADA system and the removal of the legacy SCADA. The client also required monthly automatic SCADA reports, accessibility from their corporate network and interfacing with the existing PLCs on site.

As well as alleviating business risk presented the upgrade would also be the basis for remote monitoring, regulatory compliance reporting, and future local and remote site control.


Works involved:

  • Audit of existing network and modifying it focusing on data transfer from remote outstations to the central PLC.
  • Working with the clients IT team for network and remote SCADA access.
  • Modifying PLC & RTU configurations to be in line with contemporary standards.
  • Symbol, tag structure and information faceplate development.
  • SCADA configuration (backups, accounts, security, remote access, etc.)
  • Tag historian and SQL configuration for data storage and analysis.
  • SQL & SCADA integration for automatic data deposit, withdrawal, analysis.
  • Alarm configuration and management.
  • Automatic monthly and on-demand reporting for regulatory compliance.
  • Bespoke trending and data analysis, including event logging and viewing.
  • Documentation (drawings, functional descriptions, operator manuals).


The legacy SCADA was successfully decommissioned while historical data was successfully exported into the new system preventing any information gaps. The PLC, RTU and SCADA documentation was now accurate, accessible and available for use in planning future improvements and automatic monthly reporting was implemented, rapidly presenting crucial compliance data to the team.

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