Cromarty have solutions that perform critical roles in the control and management of renewable assets.


Underpinning our offer is a solution called 8Legs.

8Legs is a software stack deployed either in the cloud or on an Industrial PC onsite at Solar Farms, Wind Farms and Utility Batteries.

At its core, 8Legs serves as a bridge between the AEMO Market Data and the control system onsite.

We can manage your Semi Scheduled Dispatch Instructions and ensure they get delivered into your control platform in a timely manner, minimising dispatch non-compliance.

This solution is continually evolving and has it’s own dashboard interface, notifications. You can see at a glance the status of one or many renewable assets.

Developed in a customer centric manner, we can adapt and add to include any features or data that we have access to.  

Examples of added functionality:

  • Management of Harmonic Filters
  • Interfacing to 3rd party forecasting providers allowing you to participate in AEMO’s Self-Forecast program
  • Writing Availability back to AEMO based on inverters or turbines available
  • Managing Dynamic Ramp Rate and constantly adjusting this calculation to meet AEMO requirements
  • Interfacing Batteries into existing assets to provide a single window incorporating multiple OEM devices.

More recently Cromarty are developing a complete BoP SCADA solution for Solar Farms.

We can demonstrate our complete solution offering via a Teams meeting based on simulated data.

Overview page of multiple assets

8legs multi

Single asset overview page

8legs single