Experience Examples

Cromarty is your perfect go-to provider. With clever people, fantastic skills including process instrumentation, electrical, automation, MES, IoT, fault diagnostics and more. We cover the entire lifecycle from initial concept, installation and commissioning, system optimisation through to decommissioning.



OEE System Implementation

100% Quality, 100% Performance, 100% Availability and 100% Yummy!

OSIsoft PI Enterprise Historian

Operational efficiency can be defined as the ratio between a business input and its resulting output.

Aquaculture Feed Manufacturing Plant

Global manufacturer of fish feed for the aquaculture industry constructs a brand new facility in Tasmania.

Distributed Control System Design

The construction of a greenfield, A$165M paint batching facility.

Windfarm System Migration

Keeping a windfarm in production whilst transitioning ownership is a complex process.

Southern Highlands Irrigation Scheme

Growing the wealth of Tasmania by developing and enhancing the productive capacity of the State’s agricultural industries.

Water Quality Analysers

Ensuring Tasmania's water is crystal clear

Water Treatment Critical Control Point Monitoring

Protecting the quality of the Tasmania's drinking water

Irrigation Pump Station Control System

You can bring water to a sheep but you can't make it drink

Asset Auditing

Before you set sail you need to know which way the wind is blowing

Hazardous Area

What happens if I press the red button?

Gas Pipeline Control System Upgrade

To secure gas supply security to Tasmania an ambitious plan was required to update the entire telemetry system.

Aqua Feed Production Expansion

How to increase production without changing production?

Production Cell Safety Upgrade

Enhance production but do so safely

Ships Information Management System (SIMS)

Delivering critical ship information into all the nooks and crannies

Ships Electrical System Upgrade

Not just a new coat of paint!

Hazard & Operability Study

Safety is a key ingredient of cement!

Stern Thruster DC Drive Upgrade

We need to make sure our pioneers get their supplies