About Cromarty

Inspired by our belief of combining collaboration and technology to create a better future for all, we strive to be your go-to solution provider and trusted partner

It started with a vision

In 1988 Penny and William Cromarty had a vision. They wanted to establish a company offering a service second to none, providing high quality engineering, automation and business improvement solutions to industry based on non-negotiable values of respect and honesty.

“Big business capabilities, small business soul.”

Bill, celebrating 30 years in business
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In the 30 years since, this vision has empowered Cromarty to grow sustainably from humble beginnings to employing over 100 talented people and operating in 5 locations across Australia, all while still being wholly Australian owned.

This growth has allowed Cromarty to evolve into three specialist core business groups to service our market; Engineering, Service and Product Sales. Our offers are backed by an independently certified best practice Quality Management System. Combining our QMS and our experience enables Cromarty to cover a vast range of challenges but always provides a consistent, high-quality outcome.

During our journey Cromarty have enjoyed working closely with all sizes of organisations across multiple industry sectors to provide flexible solutions. Cromarty always aim not only to meet but exceed our client’s expectations and to improve their operations.

Cromarty believe in offering established, industry-leading, next-generation solutions. Our outcomes are multifaceted and range from simple to intricate and are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Cromarty continually and successfully delivers its promised high-quality engineering solutions not only in Australia but also internationally, due to Penny and William’s non-negotiable values of respect and honesty.

Our Values and Vision

Cromarty are a big-hearted company, with amazing people who all share and subscribe to a set of values and vision which we know sets us apart from others. If you value our principles then Cromarty are your partner for the long haul.

At Cromarty we strive to:

  • Consistently create better value or greater efficiencies for all our clients
  • Develop flexible, lasting relationships with our clients and vendors
  • Continuously innovate and improve our service offerings
  • Support and empower our staff, enabling them to grow, develop and always be accessible for our clients
  • Embrace worthy change enthusiastically

At Cromarty our vision is to be nationally recognised and trusted as the top independent provider of industrial automation, instrumentation, control and information management.

Our People

Each of us at Cromarty is grounded by Penny and William’s original embedded values and spirit of family. We foster an environment of support, curiosity and always doing the right thing by our clients, our communities and each other. Perhaps that is what makes us different and why we are such trustworthy partners, it also maybe why we attract the best talented graduates.

Our clients reap the benefits of our culture, they are listened to and engaged by our team ensuring they get fresh industry-leading ideas and in-depth sector-specific knowledge . This starts from the initial contact to scoping and design, development, delivery and then finally training. Each project is supported by our professional engineers, highly qualified technical support staff and administration team.

Maintaining our values and focusing on collaboration and understanding ensures a successful outcome.

Our Partnerships

There are many outstanding vendors providing instrumentation, automation, information and control platforms. Cromarty works closely with the best companies engaging as required in their vendor certification and or training. This means you can be assured our team can and will always supply the best and most efficient solutions. Here are the key vendors we work closely with:

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