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Cromarty's Wide Industrial Information Technology & Operational Technology Capability

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” - Sun-Tzu




Modern organisation's grapple with two worlds. There is the traditional physical world composed of machines, electromechanical devices, manufacturing systems and other industrial equipment. Then there is the more recent digital world using servers, storage, networking and other devices used to run applications and process data. These two worlds have largely occupied separate domains, shared little (if any) meaningful data or control, and relied on oversight from business staff with distinctly different skill sets.

Today, the worlds of IT and OT are converging. Advances in technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and big data analytics are systematically allowing the digital information world to see, understand and influence the physical operational world. When implemented properly, IT/OT convergence can merge business processes, insights and controls into a single uniform environment.

Although IT-OT converged networks deliver many business benefits, they also challenge businesses with new complexities, including the rise of cyber and operational risks, increasing workloads, and costly compliance efforts.

Cromarty have assisted many of our Clients to manage the successful convergence of IT and OT technology helping them protect their business and achieve crucial competitive advantages. Some examples are:

  • Water Utility - network analysis, equipment audits and documentation.
  • Food & Beverage - OT & IT systems networking & security, secure VPN & Wi-Fi access, disaster recovery.
  • Power Generation - fault tolerant SCADA, specification and configuration of industrial ICT hardware/software.
  • Resources - servers and workstations supporting Control Systems and Historians.
  • Environmental - converting and transferring SCADA Historian data to Bureau of Meteorology systems.
  • Forestry - network equipment specification and installation for timber processing facilities.
  • Manufacturing - network equipment specification and installation manufacturing plants.
  • Aquaculture - industrial control networks, MES systems and interfacing with global ERP systems.
  • Multiple Industries - specification of control system servers & workstations.
  • Cyber Security - policy development and implementation of practices and technologies.

In a rapidly changing technology landscape bringing IT and OT together could be the difference between surviving and thriving. With Cromarty's assistance our Clients make better use of their technology to help change the way they work, ultimately building a foundation to support an overall vision for business system integration.

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