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Implementation of an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) System for a Biscuit Manufacturer

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  • The client is a leading Australian biscuit and cracker manufacturer
  • The client had run small trials of Downtime recording, where a trigger from the production line logs the downtime for a production line and supervisors or engineers could classify the type of downtime and log more detailed information about why the line was not producing.
  • The client desired to improve the reporting by implementing a framework to show the current state of the production line and other key performance indicators.
  • The client then wanted to ensure this framework could be expanded to provide more detail, more accurate OEE information and and link to other business systems in the future.
  • The client needed a partner to join them on their journey and selected Cromarty to be that partner.


To deliver the required outcome Cromarty:

  • Embedded an MES engineer onsite with food and beverage industry experience.
  • Worked with the client providing suggestions based on their experience to maximise project benefits and then agreeing on the scope.
  • Identified with the client a set of measurable KPI’s to measure the performance prior and post implementation.
  • On agreement of the scope developed design documentation for the implementation.
  • Based on the MES design embedded certified engineer with the site PLC experience to implement the MES solution.
  • Implemented the agreed client KPI system.


Since successfully deploying the OEE system the client has had the opportunity to monitor and improve the profitability of the production process by making adjustments to production based on data collected. The client has also started to think about how this data can be applied to benefit other parts of the business.

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