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Deploying OSIsoft Pi for a Mine

"Mining is tough. Acting is just tedious" - Johnny Knoxville


Mineral Processing

Business Systems


  • The client is the owner operator of a Tin Mine and Processing Facility.
  • The client had identified that the data collection and reporting systems employed were inflexible, difficult to use and highly prone to issues.
  • The issues being experienced were limiting the ability to grow the business.
  • To address the issue the client identified they needed a scalable presentation platform with reliable data collection incorporating an intuitive data presentation interface and the ability to ingest SCADA, LIMS and manually added data as required.
  • The client engaged Cromarty to deliver the solution.


Cromarty worked collaboratively with the client to:

  • Select the suitable OSIsoft PI suite of historian products suitable for their requirements.
  • Implement an Asset Model, mapping the process points in the SCADA and LIMS data to a more recognisable and standardised form.
  • Provide an automatic ingestion method for LIMS data which was only accessible as an email attachment from the outsources assay provider.
  • Implement a centralised OSIsoft PI Data Archive with OPC-DA interfaces configured in a High Availability arrangement.
  • Provide PI Vision (the OSIsoft PI HTML5 visualisation client)
  • Deploy the Cromarty OSIsoft PI Excel ingestion tool to automatically collect data from Excel and import into the Data Archive.


The outcome was highly successful. It provided reliable data collection infrastructure with fail tolerant ingestion of SCADA data into an Enterprise Historian. The site metallurgists are now able to easily locate the data they require and use in third party packages where required. The difficulty of obtaining data and the maintenance issues associated with the previous system are now a thing of the past and the Cromarty IT/OT team are providing ongoing support to the client.

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