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Delivering Renewable Energy Providers a State of Art Semi Dispatch Solution

“All for one and one for all” - The Three Musketeers

Power Generation


Market Data


AEMO is responsible for using Market Data to match power supply and demand via a centrally-coordinated dispatch process .

The dispatch process includes a forecast of semi-scheduled generation to achieve the supply-demand balance.

Semi-scheduled generators are then expected to meet this dispatch cap.

This process aims to efficiently match electricity supply to demand while ensuring the system remains secure.


8Legs is a software stack solution deployed to bridge the gap between AEMO Market Data and the site control system. Primarily for use on renewable energy facilities such as Solar Farms, Wind Farms and Utility Battery sites, 8Legs can live either in the cloud or on an Industrial PC.

At its core, 8Legs manages the Semi Scheduled Dispatch Instructions and ensuring they get delivered into the site control platform in a timely manner, minimising dispatch non-compliance.

With a deployment of over 50 systems 8Legs now offers much more than a simple data bridge, the solution is continually evolving. It has a dashboard interface that at a glance can provide an overview of multiple sites and their notifications.

8Legs has been developed in a customer centric manner, it can be adapted to include any features or data that it has access to making it a truly versatile solution.

Examples of added functionality:

  • Management of Harmonic Filters
  • Interfacing to 3rd party forecasting providers allowing participation in AEMO’s Self-Forecast program
  • Writing Availability back to AEMO based on inverters or turbines available
  • Managing Dynamic Ramp Rate and constantly adjusting this calculation to meet AEMO requirements
  • Interfacing Batteries into existing assets to provide a single window incorporating multiple OEM devices.

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