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Installing and Commissioning Water Quality Analysers for a Water Utility

"Water is life, and clean water means health" - Audrey Hepburn


Water & Sewerage

Water Quality


  • The client looks after all municipal water and wastewater systems in Tasmania including 61 water treatment systems with some 6500 km of water mains and approximately 100 sewerage systems with nearly 5000 km of sewer mains.
  • The client identified state-wide their water quality measuring analysers were aging and were from different manufacturers. This made servicing and support complex and increased the potential for failure creating a risk of meeting their water quality compliance.
  • A project was developed to standardise their water quality analysers for measurement of pH, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorine and Fluoride at raw water intakes, Treatment Plants and Pump Stations.
  • The challenge was to maintain Water Treatment whilst upgrading equipment.
  • The client undertook a detailed analysis of their existing assets and expected outcomes and then engaged Cromarty to undertake a preliminary site inspection and develop a requirements specification for each site.


Cromarty worked collaboratively with the client to:

  • Conduct site inspections and develop a requirements specification and wet rack design for each site.
  • Gain approval for site design.
  • Prepare costings for each site.
  • Build the wet racks.
  • Install and commission the new instrumentation.
  • Plan the changeover so that supply was unaffected.


As well as meeting the key requirement to provide improvements in the measurement and alarming for “out of specification” water quality the standardised instrumentation simplified maintenance and calibration requirements. This led to improvements in water quality compliance and allowed system interlocks to be installed to reduce false “out of range” alarms during plant start-up/shutdowns which greatly reduced operator nuisance alarms.

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